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About Us

гравирани подаръци със снимка

    DZZD Ice Style 1 deals with the production and personalization of products in order to create gifts of any kind and for any occasion. Offers engraving and transfer of images and text on various types of souvenirs and surfaces. It allows your clients to create a personal and unique gift of personal design. DZZD Ice Style 1 is a company with twenty years of experience in the field of gifts, a company you can trust in the search for uniqueness. There are no impossible things in front of us, no impossible gift or idea.

We have a wide range of ready-made ideas and suggestions for gifts. We are ready to assist our customers in creating a unique and original gift made especially and with respect. With us you can find out how to make a wish to a loved one through a non-traditional and memorable souvenir. At you can see in detail all the product, their description and size. We also have partner sites where it is possible to see products actually made by us and many samples. One of the most popular services we offer is engraving. It is possible to engrave on glass, metal, wood, plastic. The most spectacular and impressive are the medallions with an engraved photo and a short message. Unique engravings of loved ones can be sealed in small, jewelry-type jewelry, suitable for men or women and for any age. We have a wide variety of models of medallions: classic, heart-shaped, oval, inlaid with stones, opening, etc. With just a slight change, each pendant can be turned into a keyring. From sentimental, your gift easily becomes practical. All tiles are made of anti-allergic, stainless, rhodium coating. 

Another group of products that are also unique are our colored crystals. Through a special technology we transfer a color image on crystals of different shapes. The result is an amazing, realistically sealed color moment with loved ones. They are suitable for desks, shelves and the like, where seeing them will always bring you back to beautiful memories. We offer collaged mugs, mugs with an inscription, with a photo or according to your design. Front door signs in a huge variety of colors. Business gifts aimed at a specific audience that you would surely impress. With us you will find more wall clocks, puzzles, phone panels, mousepads and many other products that we will customize especially for you.